The Return of “Pay to Play” at Preston North End: A Dream Come True for Football Fans

Preston North End

In 2024, Preston North End is bringing back its popular “Pay to Play” initiative, allowing football enthusiasts a rare opportunity to experience the thrill of playing at Deepdale, the historic home of the club. This initiative offers fans the chance to live out their football dreams in a professional setting, stepping onto the pitch where many football legends have played before.

What is “Pay to Play”?

“Pay to Play” is a unique program where fans can pay a fee to experience playing a football match at Preston North End’s Deepdale stadium. This initiative not only provides fans with a memorable experience but also helps generate additional revenue for the club, which can be used to support various club activities, including community and youth programs.

The 2024 Edition

For the 2024 iteration, Preston North End has announced the return of this exciting opportunity, allowing more fans to create lasting memories. The experience includes playing a full match on the hallowed turf, complete with all the professional amenities that the club’s players enjoy, including locker room access and the full matchday experience.

Why It Matters

For many fans, playing on the same pitch as their heroes is a dream come true. Programs like “Pay to Play” deepen the connection between the club and its supporters, offering a hands-on experience that goes beyond watching a match from the stands. It’s an innovative way of enhancing fan engagement, making supporters feel like an integral part of the club they love.

FAQs About Preston North End’s “Pay to Play”

Who can participate in the “Pay to Play” program?

The program is typically open to all fans who are willing to pay the participation fee. It’s a fantastic opportunity for individuals or groups who want to experience professional football firsthand.

How can fans register for the “Pay to Play” experience?

Interested participants should keep an eye on Preston North End’s official website and social media channels for registration details and availability.

What does the “Pay to Play” experience include?

Participants can enjoy a full match experience at Deepdale, including access to the players’ facilities, a professional playing environment, and sometimes, additional perks like jerseys or a meal at the stadium.

Is this the first time Preston North End has offered this experience?

No, Preston North End has hosted “Pay to Play” in the past, and due to its popularity, they have decided to bring it back for 2024, allowing more fans to enjoy this unique experience.


The return of “Pay to Play” at Preston North End is a testament to the club’s commitment to its fans and community. It offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience to play at a professional stadium and creates unforgettable memories for football fans. As the event continues to evolve, it promises to be a highlight for both the club and its supporters in the coming years.

For more detailed information and updates on the event, fans should visit Preston North End’s official website and the Blog Preston coverage.

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